7 Days To Discover The Magic of Manifesting with Self Love For 2023
So You Can Design Your Life,
Live Your Dreams!

February 20th - 26th, 2023


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Bernie Rutland

"After working with Katie I learnt so much about self love and that we are responsible for our lives ๐Ÿ’ฏ percent. You cannot love anyone unless you love yourself first. You cannot create unless you love you first and know who you are and what you want to create in your life. I have learnt and grown so much since learning to truely love myself first. Thank you for your guidance Katie ๐Ÿ‘♥๏ธ"


When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of self love and being delighted about life, imagining and creating joy, abundance, health and happiness in your world?


We all deserve to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. But often, we get so caught up in the chaos of life that we forget to take a step back and show ourselves some love. That's why it's so important to ask yourself, when was the last time you gave yourself the gift of self-love and really took the time to imagine and create a life filled with joy, abundance, health, and happiness?

Self-love is not just about pampering yourself, it's about acknowledging your worth, treating yourself with kindness, and making sure you prioritise your own well-being. When you cultivate a deep relationship with yourself, you will feel more confident, content, and empowered to create the life you truly want.

So, imagine for a moment, a world where you are surrounded by happiness, abundance, and joy. A world where you feel deeply connected to yourself and your purpose. A world where you radiate love and light to those around you. Now, ask yourself, what would you need to do to make this world a reality

Maybe you need to start a daily self-care practice, like journaling or meditating. Perhaps you need to set aside some time each week to focus on your hobbies and passions. Or, maybe you need to seek out new experiences and try new things. Whatever it is, start taking action today to give yourself the gift of self-love and start manifesting a life filled with joy, abundance, health, and happiness.

So, take the first step and join us with the free 7-day Self Love Is How You Manifest! Challenge today. When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of self-love and started imagining and creating joy, abundance, health, and happiness in your world? Remember, you have the power to create the life you want, so start taking by taking action right now...



Rebecca Muncey

"Just caught up on the call ๐Ÿ™ such a good reminder of self love. I always used to leave myself out and put everyone and my kids first after coming through this program with Katie it has taught me so much about self-care and thru this process have manifested so much and it's so rewarding...Thanks Katie for the good reminder ๐Ÿ™  you are so uplifting every time I watch a live video from you it's gets me so motivated ๐Ÿค—"


Unlock Your Full Potential: 7 Benefits of Cultivating Self Love to Manifest Your Dreams

Remember, you have the power to create the life you want, so start taking by taking action right now, and get to experience:

  1. Increased Self-Acceptance: Practicing self-love leads to greater self-acceptance, which in turn helps to reduce feelings of self-doubt and insecurity.
  2. Improved Relationships: When we love and accept ourselves, we are more likely to attract positive and healthy relationships into our lives.
  3. Enhanced Confidence: Self-love boosts our confidence, which can help us to be more assertive, take risks and face challenges with a positive attitude.
  4. Increased Happiness: Focusing on self-love and self-care can lead to greater happiness and fulfilment, as we become more in tune with our needs and desires.
  5. Better Health: A self-loving mindset can help to reduce stress, improve our overall health, and increase our overall well-being.
  6. Greater Abundance: By focusing on self-love, we can cultivate a more positive and abundant mindset, which can lead to greater success and prosperity.
  7. Increased Gratitude: When we love ourselves, we are more likely to appreciate the good things in our lives, and experience greater gratitude and joy.
  • All this... and so much more!



Melanie Couffe

"When I started working with Katie she helped me realise that I had been holding myself back with limiting beliefs and self-doubt for a very long time. By focusing on self-love and manifestation, I was able to break through those barriers and achieve my  goals with ease. I highly recommend this challenge to anyone looking to liberate your true self and to level up in life."


What You Will Experience During The Challenge


DATES: FEBRUARY 20TH - 26th, 2023


Daily Facebook Lives With Katie

Engage with a short live video each day with Katie to take you on a soul journey step-by-step for discovering the magic of SELF-LOVE for manifesting your ideal experiences for 2023 in the form of positive self-talk, healthy relationships, engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfilment, and setting personal boundaries. Ultimately, this "Self Love Is How You Manifest!" challenge is about honouring yourself, and creating a fulfilling and meaningful life.

(If you cannot make the live sessions, the replays will be there for you to watch anytime during the challenge).


Daily Guided Action Steps - Easy Practices

Manifesting with self-love is very much inclusive of taking action. But not all action means "taking off" in quick step! You will be guided through foundational practices to help you you choose actions that align with your individual needs and priorities FOR YOU and to approach them with a positive, self-compassionate mindset. (You can do this even if you feel like you don't yet know what your needs, priorities or values are yet. I'll show you how to get in touch with yours!)


Community & Support

Be in a sacred space creating and being cheered on by an incredible community of heart-centred people, just like you, your high vibe tribe!


A Live Group Meditation SELF LOVE Activation

On Day 7 you will not only have the opportunity to share your "Self Love Is How You Manifest!" Experience with Katie and hear what others in the community say too, but you will also experience a live energy activation and celebration with Katie and your high vibe tribe!



Elise Cabret

"Finally I got to listen to the replay on my walk this morning. Great value Katie. Top takeaways for me are 1) that self love is fundamental to manifestation 2) love the action steps you gave us ie gratitude, journaling, affirmations 3) be who you want to be NOW"


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Daiana Magalhaes

"Until I started working with Katie, I was in a perpetual loop of self doubt, self sabotage and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from my life's purpose and my goals. Practicing self love on a more regular basis, life is getting better and easier as I manifest more of my goals with less resistance, growing into a better version of myself."


Meet Your Self Love To Manifest Success Guide!

Hi, I'm Katie Joy, "The Global Butterfly"

Personal development expert, spiritual teacher, online business mentor, founder of The Money Game - Mind It! Make It! Manage It! Multiply It! and The Awakened Soul Program, a transformative program that guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, to become the best version of themselves and live their authentic life! 

And A Passionate Conscious Creator!

Designing life with INTENTION centred on transforming my life and business with LOVE, and having fun being creative envisioning my ideal life, and helping others do it too, is totally my "thing!"


A True Story... 


Once upon a time, there was a highly ambitious woman, who was (mostly) wildly successful at manifesting named Katie. Katie had achieved financial freedom and traveled the world, experiencing grand adventures and meeting amazing mentors. Despite all Katie’s accomplishments, she was frustrated. She kept attracting toxic people into her life who would drain her energy and resources, leaving her confused and feeling used.


Katie finally drew the line in the sand with an abusive ex and took a step back to reflect on her life. She realised that she had been putting up with abuse out of fear of abandonment. She had forfeited her own needs, values, and priorities to care for others at the cost of her well-being. This realisation hit Katie hard and she realised that this was the biggest threat to her most cherished desires and dreams coming true.


Determined to change, Katie embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Katie realised that while she thought and even said out loud that she loved herself, Katie needed to fall deeply in love with herself first. Katie began to focus on self-love and self-care, and her life started to transform.


Katie experienced a continuous stream of creativity, inspiration, delight, joy, health, wealth, and abundance. Her relationships improved, and she began attracting positive, supportive people into her life. She no longer felt drained and used, but instead felt fulfilled and appreciated.


Katie continued to focus on her self-love journey and she found that her life only continued to improve. She is finally living her best life, filled with joy, love, and abundance. Katie realised that her journey to self-love was the key to manifesting her TRUEST AUTHENTIC dreams and desires, and she encourages others to do the same.


The beginning… Now, it’s your turn. Join us today in the “Self Love Is How You Manifest!” challenge!

Xx Love, Katie



Eugenie Verney

"Great content around an absolutely fundamental pillar! Thanks, Katie ๐Ÿ’œ"


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Kristy Wheeler

"Ooh... journal reflection questions sound like something
that will let me process where I am at. THANK YOU!"