My life’s mission is to accelerate your spiritual awakening, heal your heart, align with your Soul’s purpose, and activate your new upgraded reality! So that you can live your authentic meaningful life on your terms, with peace, purpose, prosperity and joy, and abundace.

Welcome, I'm A Lifestyle Transformationist Through Heart Alchemy... Healing & Transforming Through The Power Of Self Love With Energy Alignment Tools & Techniques


Here's my story...


I help Empaths, Entrepreneurs and Go-Getters experience more emotional and financial freedom, living life on their own terms, in alignment with their soul-calling through energy-alignment practices.


Thousands of clients I have already worked with, have said I am a Master Energy Healer, and that I have touched their lives in extraordinary ways. 


I have always felt like I was ‘different.’ My awareness of energy, ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ began when I was a small child. I really only became aware of it not being ‘normal’ when I was strongly discouraged for sharing what I saw and knew. Suppressing my authentic self, and abilities, only led me more and more off my soul path, to experience extreme contrasts until many years and thousands of life lessons later, I recognised once again, who I truly was. 


A significant event in my life was when I was 16. I had a standing row with my father where I was vying for his attention. As usual, he was busy handling life, business, and his own emotions. The poor man could hardly breathe and in the heat of the moment, through his own frustration, he back-handed me.

Shocked and angry, I cried, “I will never be broke or poor! I will be wildly wealthy!”


That moment has stuck with me ever since. 


At the time, what I wanted most from my father was his attention, approval and love. You know, those simple things that make us feel valuable. Little did I know how much that one experience would permeate my consciousness and subconscious and drive the decisions I made in life.


I made many choices through my first 30 years based on other people’s opinions, giving to others at the cost of my own energy, sacrificing my needs for others, being a ‘perfectionist’, not trusting myself or my intuition. And the more I did that, the more my self-talk was highly critical, even abusive. I’d feel guilty about inconsequential things, even create drama and chaos to distract me from the turmoil that I couldn’t detach from inside me. I would choose unhealthy relationships that were bound for destruction and stay in them for I feared abandonment, or being alone, far greater than the emotional, mental or physical abuse. Yet I never felt so alone, lonely, and neglected even when I bounced from one relationship to another. I would throw myself “all in” too quickly, then realise I had made yet another mistake. The result of that pattern had me spiral down, further and further away from trusting myself, or others, or the world. 


The result was I had a hard time committing or trusting. Not just to relationships, but to my soul nudging me to take action on my purpose, my reason for being here. I had trouble committing to my projects, and ideas (which were, and still are, many as I am an intuitive creator). 


I believed that if I create a life of financial freedom, then I’d be free to love and be loved. And in spite of my own sabotages, I succeeded financially because I had a bigger reason to succeed.


I started initiating my lifestyle by design when I first read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in 1999 and applied the principles to start clearing debt (mine and my first husband’s) so we could move forward with building our wealth. 


It was later that I truly began to understand “everything is energy, frequency and vibration” at the age of 30, when I watched “The Secret.” While there are many opinions on this “movie” I saw the principles at play in my own life, and finally understood what I was doing. 


Out of frustration and from being trapped emotionally and financially in my second marriage I invested thousands of dollars in a high-end coach. In fact two of them; a personal coach and a property investor mentor. Those decisions resulted in catapulting my life forward in quantum leaps emotionally and financially. 


My Life Transformed


At 32, I was free of a toxic marriage, had resigned from my career as a Paramedic, replaced my working income with passive income, and on a plane to the USA to begin what eventuated as a 4-year full-time stint of traveling the world to play and experience life on 7 continents and 58 countries (many of those multiple times). Along the way I wrote a blog documenting my travels, and learnings from the dozens and dozens of training and events I attended along the way. Using my qualifications as a certified NLP Master Practitioner, & Hypnotherapist (SRI Coaching (now Strategic Brain) USA), certified DeMartini Method Facilitator, Certified Advanced Psych-K Practitioner, Leadership Academy Training and Business Mastery with Tony Robbins (USA), Akashic Record Reader (trained with Linda Howe), amongst many other qualifications, I first began teaching others and coaching online.


I learned quickly that I wasn’t alone in feeling trapped in a matrix of lack, scarcity and ‘less than’ whether that was in relationships, with money, or living a life that lacked an energising purpose. I also quickly learned I had much more power to transform my life on multiple levels when I tuned into higher versions of myself, and focused on vibrating at a higher frequency. We all do. 

I helped everyone that I could. But again, I forgot to include myself, and gave at the cost of my own needs, leading to burnout and poor choices, and sacrificing my financial health along the way.


Until I finally drew a line in the sand. And made a vow that I was to live in alignment with my Soul’s purpose, trusting in my intuition and focusing only on one day at a time. Taking one step, then another step, then another step, I reactivated my online coaching and healing services in 2016. 


Again, I helped everyone I could, this time in a smarter way. I had finally learned to be in mastery of harnessing my energy, and began teaching that to others, reminding them of their own power, awakening to their Soul purpose, healing past trauma and manifesting their dreams into reality. I’ve built my reputation on truth and transparency, and always over-delivering creating incredible experiences and shifts for my students and clients. 


I first began helping women all over the world transform their health (literally with spontaneous healings), their financials to flow again, get off welfare and build businesses, activate their own healing gifts, and others to build their businesses online also. Then I realised in 2019, as I became even more aware of the dysfunctional societal programming and division, that I needed to open up this space to men too. I had been coaching some men privately, who approached me. And what I discovered was their stories of suffering were the same as the women. And that what we all needed was ultimately the same, the innerstanding that in transforming our energy, we transform our life. 


Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping people from all over the world, transform their energy so they can upgrade their reality, through my process of awakening, healing and manifesting their new reality to experience more peace, love, joy, prosperity and abundance.


I’ve built million dollar property portfolios, published offline and online, built a 6-figure-plus business online, and run annual Soul Awakening Retreats in Bali while also being a single mum (right from the pregnancy until this current time), and I have had many losses along the way, because I was chasing to accomplish to prove myself, or ‘be enough’ and wasn’t tuned into the power of my energy and how to consciously create in alignment with my Soul. I’ve learned all the mistakes that you should avoid. And how to create a delicious life worth living, from the heart, not the head. 


People believe that they are their ‘personality’ or that they are now stuck with their current reality. Fortunately, ‘personality’ is simply the version of yourself you continue to express in your current reality. Your Personal-Reality. When you transform your energy and raise your vibration you activate a higher and better version of yourself, which manifests as a new reality. Even if you are currently stuck in your ‘worst case scenario’ you can get new results. 


And my mission is to share this formula to harness and master your energy to consciously create your most awesome and delicious life with you. And my message is yes you are different, because you are here to make a difference.