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The Money Game - Mind It! Make It! Manage It! Multiply It!

It's Your Time NOW To Unblock YOUR Flow Of  Abundance & Create Your Finanically Free Future!


Here's what you are about to get instant access to:

  • A 4 week. step-by-step guided journey that will eliminate money blocks (fears and limiting beliefs), clear debt, and transform your financial power (and enhance your personal and emotional power too!) 
  • An insiders view of the tools, techniques, and streams of income that have created my success, including what I am doing in this current change of times.
  • BONUS: A fun money game challenge - to put more money straight back into your pocket, so that you recover the cost of your investment in this course before you've even completed it!
  • And so much more... 

I'm thrilled for you! And can't wait to see you inside so I can help you allow financial abundance to flow for you too!

Xx Katie

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What People Are Saying:

I saved $1,344 in the challenge! :) I also feel better about working with money.

Deanne Moulden

The course content has been beyond my expectations, full of ah ha moments/WTF moments/intention focused moments (and all that in just the first 4 days!) I set a months income goal of $1000 and under a week it became $4000. Really needed to go with my first instinct of $5000 but I didn't want to set a goal that I 'thought' I couldn't achieve. So I have reset it to $10,000. On wards and upwards.

Roslynn Chalwell

I used the thermostat for November and it helped me focus on reaching my money goal.. I did and even managed to surpass it by 2K! I have celebrated by buying my children some high tech presents for Christmas.. something that I’ve never been able to do myself before!

Melanie Couffe

I set my target for $5,000 for the month and I am very happy to report my figure on the last day of Nov is $5,076.00 whoop whoop!

Bernie Rutland

Katie within 2 weeks once a few things have processed I will blow away my original target of $500 possibly by 4x.

Carl Mccombe

The wins keep happening just because I asked! Total savings: AUD $837

Daiana Magalhaes

So much fun. I just got started on Unit one and already, I have accessed funds that have been "stuck" in the "gotta get to this" and [have cleared] all kinds of stories why "I can't"!!

Donna Dutton

My initial goal was 10K (exc gst!) or maybe $12k (excl gst) - this would be a super stretch target - well we closed offices today and turnover excl gst is just under $13,000 - super happy with December turnover!

Sonja Pilkington