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Energy Field Clearing & Security Activation Tool

Sick and tired of struggling financially, experiencing challenges, not having your dreams be manifested and not feeling happy?

What if… the reasons why are not visible to your eye, but rather these struggles are related to your energy field being interfered with by low vibrational energies?

After working with hundreds and hundreds of clients, doing thousands of energy block clearing and balance calls, helping my clients have profound experiences, with noticeable results, there is a consistent tool I’d like to make available for you to access and use for your best results too. 

Your energy field is your greatest asset. Not only is the integrity of your energy field critically important for your full vitality, health and well-being, it’s your NUMBER ONE source of WEALTH.

How well are you managing and protecting it? 

Let me ask you. Do you have a car that you ever leave unattended without locking it? Do you leave your home, or go to sleep at night, without checking if your doors and windows are secure? If you’re smart, no! That would be leaving your resources open for the potential for someone to steal or enter your space without your permission.

You realise the importance of locking your home or your car, but do you realise the importance of securing your Energy Field? Quite possibly not. Your energy field is far more than your physical being….

Consider this list: 

  • Your home, apartment and property
  • Your car or other type of motor vehicle
  • Your family
  • Your friends
  • Your associates/colleagues
  • Your location where you work
  • Your website or other digital assets
  • Your bank accounts, financial accounts
  • Your visions, dreams, goals, and any other project
  • Your thoughts
  • Your heart, and any other organ, tissue or cell in your body 

For you to manifest great health, wealth and happiness, requires harmonious relationships with your energy field. Whatever you set your intentions to create, you need a clear field to manifest in. Any weight of energetic interference with low vibrational energies will slow down or sabotage your manifesting efforts. 

Using this Energy Field Clearing & Security Activation Tool is the best way to start clearing your energy field, so you can allow your vibration frequency to rise and match your heart’s desires to manifest, that is actually bring your dreams and goals into fruition. Like anything you choose to master, this energy tool activation can be broken down into a process.

And now you can access it, and keep it, to use again and again and again, for a fraction of the cost to book me for a private 1:1 Energy Balance call.

While there are many more tools that I use in private balance calls, this one key tool, the “Energy Field Clearing & Security Activation Tool” is paramount to clearing “negative” or low vibrational energies and elevating your vibration to match the frequency equivalent to love, abundance and joy so that you can allow more of that good stuff into your life.  

And the best bit is, as you clear the negative and low level vibrational energies and even entities that have been interfering in your life, as you transmute those using this tool, you also contribute to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. Now, that’s a great win for all, right?

Get ready to transform your life with this simple, yet foundational and critical tool for your ability to awaken, heal and manifest more of the good stuff in your life. 


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~ Daiana Magalhaes, Perth AUSTRALIA

~ Kim Bibby, Qld AUSTRALIA

~ Bernie Rutland, Qld AUSTRALIA

~ Melanie Couffe, FRANCE

~ Wayne Pepper, NT AUSTRALIA