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GET TWO NEW PRODUCT RELEASES FOR ONE LOW "NO-BRAINER" PRICE: "How To Create A Vision Board To Get Results PLUS "9-Day "Sooth Your Mind, Body & Soul" Experience to Shift From Stressed To Graceful Forward Motion For Your Success"

Get CLEAR about what you are creating in your life and learn how to manifest your vision with ease, PLUS get supported with 9-days of coaching in your inbox to clear stress for you to focus on your success!

9 Daily KEY Steps for personal transformation to get calm, clear and confident to F.L.Y. with manifesting success.

  • Distilled for instant integration.
  • Like a Caterpillar to butterfly
  • It is Personal alchemy
  • An Inner transformation
  • Celebrates your infinite potential, ability to grow, bloom, evolve - in spite of the current global and local environment. It is a mini experience about hope - awakening to what else is truly possible.  

What you'll get:

  • 9-Daily email 📧 notes 📝 to guide you on a daily journey of self-love and clear direction
  • A 5-minute ‘breathwork’ guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ for your daily “bliss” activation
  • Daily guidance session via video (short, 5-20 minutes max)
  • Daily guidance activation sheet (fun play, not work!)

PLUS the "How To Create A Vision Board To Get Results" Workshop Replay, Slides And Workbook. 

What People Are Saying:

The synchronicity of your products with what is happening not only on a global level but also in our own lives is amazing! The timing of the 9-Day [coaching and balancing in your inbox] "Sooth Your Mind, Body & Soul Experience To Shift From Stressed Into Graceful Forward Motion For Your Success" has hit my inbox at the right time as I was a bit wobbly with my energy levels and working through the daily activities which are short and sweet, has snapped me right back up into a more graceful and happy state allowing me to move forward and create the life I am envisioning. Thanks Katie.🥰

Daiana Magalhaes Australia

Thank you beautiful Katie!! It was super amazing and I am so excited to be working on my vision board for 2022 and I look forward to be spending more time with you next year. Lots of love and gratitude 🙏❤️

Yolanda Vosloo Australia

Absolutely agree with Daiana the timing is always perfect and having done many courses with you before Katie each time more clarity comes and we peel back those onion layers. I feel such calmness, and when I do start to wobble I have learnt the tools to calm and ground myself again. Anyone reading these posts and are wondering should I jump in you will not be disappointed you will be inspired into creating what you really want in life 👍👍🌻❤️

Bernie Rutland, Australia

Loving it... You are a blessing and such a gift. I've always felt so honoured to be connected with you during this period of our lives - but the vision boarding session and now the 9 day experience has just been the absolute icing on the cake! Thank you for who you are and your absolute service to humanity xx

Shelley Brice, Australia

I just wanted to add a short post here to thank Katie Joy for our great 1 on 1 call we just had. I gave her 10/10 for it. Before the call I was feeling a bit fed up, and down in the procrastination mode. She helped re motivate me by creating all the steps I need to take to get my business programme up and running from idea to delivery. From A-Z in 45 minutes. I'm not confused or overwhelmed. It's extremely clear and simple! I know where I am going... We didn't even do our usual energy balance and I'm feeling better from Katie's energy itself and her amazing brain. She helped with the strategy and subsequently helped me into momentum. Thanks Katie 💜

Melanie Couffe, France

My life path is forever fantastically changed by the work I’ve done with you. I am thankful everyday our paths crossed and that I stepped out of my comfort zone, taking many of your workshops/classes/programs. You are a beautiful blessing to me 😘

Sonya Springer, USA