One Sokule Membership: 2nd Trade


Trade 2: One Sokule Membership

One "Sokule" Founder Membership (Lifetime): Trade 2

One Lifetime Sokule Founder Membership: 2nd Trade – Jane Hall and Phil Basten

Thursday 13th Jan was the date of the second trade. Again, this trade occurred onboard the Carnival Miracle while celebrating our annual Internet Marketer’s Caribbean Cruise vacation.

I was a little out of sorts from the night before, from too much partying (read – too much alcohol and have a hangover. Need food. Now!)

The networking meeting was about to start at 10am. So I found my way to Horatio’s Dining Room on the Lido Deck (9). There I found my dear friend Sherrie Rose and sat down with her. She introduced me to two wonderful people she was already chatting with.

Meet Jane Mark and Phil Basten. Yes. They became involved with my second trade. When they realised what I was up to, they wanted to jump in on the action.

Jane and Phil are living in New York. They are internet marketer’s on the annual cruise also. Jane is American. Phil is Australian. Married and enjoying the big smoke, living in one of the most energetic cities in the USA.

Jane immediately launched into sharing what she would trade for the book. No messing around. She just put out the offer to trade me one of the highest membership packages to their program worth $1,795.

This is where I got bug-eyed. Without fully understanding yet the intricacies of the package, I said “Yes!”

Then I followed it with, “but wait! Tell me more so I know what it is!”

We laughed.

I just knew that I was in a pool of 400+ internet marketers and with many more contacts around the world, SOMEONE would want the value of this package.

Trade 2: Lifetime Founder Membership for

Trade 2: Lifetime Founder Membership for

Sokule is a social media site which posts to 85 social media sites and targeted blogs. 1 click – 1 post.

“It’ll literally populate all over the internet in a nanosecond,” is how Jane describes it. “It’s Twitter on Steriods. There are no limits for characters, video, graphics or logo. And, you can build a list of trackers fast, along with being able to email your targeted list every three days within your personal contact address.”

My head is spinning. So I’m writing it down on a borrowed bit of paper, given to me by Kelly Morrisey who has joined our conversation.

“An added bonus with the Lifetime FOUNDER Membership includes the ability to make 50% commission on sales you introduce to the membership site.”

I’m just delighted to be playing this game, trading up for “Bigger or Better”. I think this one qualifies for both (though not sure how to define the “bigger” in size).

Jane scribbles down a ‘promise note’ on another bit of paper from Kelly. We’re all giggling with delight as this exchange progresses.

Sokule Founder Membership (Lifetime)

Promise Note for the Sokule Founder Membership (Lifetime)

There is a little video coming too.. but for now I wanted to get this blog post up to keep you informed, and would also love to read your comments. So comment away below!

You can also connect with me on

There is already another trade in the pipeline.

At the time of publishing this blog, I am in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.

Tonight, I flight to London, where my next exchange awaits!

I need to find out more of the details, and will share soon what the exchange is. I can tell you this. It’s value is around US$6,000! Holy smokes!

Who Got The Sokule Membership?
What Did They Trade It With?
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Who Details of the Second Trade:
Date of second trade:
13th Jan 2010
Time of agreed trade: 9:30am
Time of trade exchange: 9:35pm
Began his trade with: 1 Book: “Linchpin” by Seth Godin
Value: Canadian $32.50 + 13% Tax
Person(s) trading: Jane Mark & Phil Basten
What they traded: Founder Membership for website –
Value: US $1,795
Owner: Jane Mark


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  1. This was soooo much fun to be a witness to and a videographer of such an exciting and momentous event!
    I have the utmost faith that Katie will meet her goal!

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