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Fire On Necker Island | Global Trading Game

Fire On Necker Island

Today has been a roller-coast ride of fascinating fun, magic and delight as I travelled form Nadi, Fiji to one of it’s neighboring islands, Savusavu… mixed with some sadness (yet gratitude for no lives lost) with learning about Sir Richard Branson’s Guest Home on Necker Island being destroyed last night by fire.


Guest House on Necker Island destroyed by Fire!
Guest House on Necker Island destroyed by Fire!

Photo from: http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/blog/fire-on-necker-island


It was only six months ago that I spent a week with Sir Richard Branson, and a select group of entrepreneurs on his private (Necker) island. The main Guest House was where we spent many hours having mastermind meetings, enjoying meals and drinks, entertaining each other with our antics and simply just having fun and enjoying the magnificent panoramic views from the location.

To learn that all that has gone up in flames and smoke, literally razed to the ground from the fire saddens me greatly. I know how much history was in that home, both in energy and experiences and with artifacts that Richard so proudly hosted in the Guest House. I’m also sad to hear that with his office being in the main home where the fire was that many of his personal photographs and journals are now gone…. forever.

I learned about the story while flying in a helicopter to Savusavu to attend Anthony Robbins private Platinum Partner event, held at his home grounds in Namale, Fiji.


Ready to board our helicopter with some of the other Tony Robbins Platinum Partner's to Savusavu, Fiji
Ready to board our helicopter with some of the other Tony Robbins Platinum Partner's to Savusavu, Fiji


Just after I had taken this photograph, then uploaded it to facebook, I felt a lurch in my gut. It wasn’t from the helicopter shuddering in the winds (although that did happen a few times). Instead it was from reading the news about Richard Branson’s Necker Island home being on fire.


Katie Joy-Helicopter Nadi to Savusavu, Fiji
Katie Joy-Helicopter Nadi to Savusavu, Fiji

What felt surreal is that when I arrived on Necker Island, it too was by helicopter, taking in the grand and magnificent views of the island and the Guest House so beautifully mounted on the highest peak of the island.

And today, I was flying in a helicopter, flying into Savusavu to spend time with another person who is also one of my key mentors, hero’s and now friend, Anthony Robbins.

The experience of flying in the helicopter for arrival whilst reading the news, had me so viscerally linked back to my Necker Island experience in a heart-beat. I imagined the Guest house (and the rest of the island and homes) in my mind, seeing the house and all it’s detail go up in flames, while imagining the steep hill descent everyone would have had to run in the dark (at 4am!) to escape the danger.

I’m just so glad to learn that everyone was OK, and no injuries occurred.

On Richard’s blog, he states: “We had a tropical storm with winds up to 90mph. A big lightning storm came around 4am and hit the house. My son Sam and nephew Jack rushed to the house and helped get everyone out and many thanks to Kate Winslet for helping to carry my 90 year mum out of the main house to safety – she was wondering when a Director was going to shout CUT!”

You can read more of the story here: http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/blog/fire-on-necker-island

While I spent time on Necker Island in February with Sir Richard Branson, I shared with him my vision and goal for The Global Trading Game, a game that is helping to shift human consciousness for creativity of lifestyle and abundance principles.

Global Trading Game Blog
Global Trading Game Blog

The Global Trading Game began at Brisbane International airport (an hour before I was to board my flight to LAX). It was January 4th, and I was inspired by reading an article in a magazine that I bought, about “One Red Paperclip”. The article was about a Canadian guy called Kyle McDonald, who in 2005 began trading with a single red paperclip, for items each time that were ‘bigger or better’ until he made a final trade for his goal. A house. (He traded 14 times in one year to date to reach his goal!)

Inspired by Kyle’s adventure, I found my plan to demonstrate the principles of how to consciously create your lifestyle by design, including abundance and higher contribution. (You can read more about The Global Trading Game here). In seconds of making my decision at the airport, I purchased a packet of Tim Tams (chocolate coated cookies) for $3.75 and immediately jumped online to post a blog about my commitment.

Since then, I have been journeying around the world, traded six times in five different locations, trading each time for ‘items’ that were ‘bigger or better’.

I traded the Tim Tam cookies for a book.(Canadian $34.95)

Then the book for a social media internet marketing package. (US$1,795)

Then the social media internet marketing package for a photography/videography package. (US$4,000)

The then videography package for an Internet Marketing Mentoring Package. (US$ 7,934)

The the internet marketing mentoring package for an exclusive stay at a Spanish health retreat for 8 people. (US$19,400)

Then the Exclusive Health retreat package for a Wealth creation package – ($46,994)

The Wealth Creation package I am currently holding for the next trade is incredible!


The “Wealth Creation” Package

What’s included:

Two Independent Packages (combined as one)

1. Income Creator + Lifestyle Professional Software – 6 month coaching program, where the client gets one-on-one support and mentored to trade Options. The package comes with a full copy of Lifestyle Professional plus a complete range of training and mindset coaching for 12 months. All the ingredients for a beginner to start and become profitable. Valued at $21,994

2. Elite Investor Program – 12 month investment program provides a combination of financial planning, then selective ETF & Option trades placed for you. This program requires a min. of $350,000 to be invested. This is not a coaching program, it’s a complete high level investment program. Included in all of the Lifestyle software, memberships and training for the 12 months, to allow the client to learn more about what we’re doing for them. Valued at $25,000


So, I’ve shared my journey, vision and adventure with some amazing people along the way, including Sir Richard Branson (who because I got clear with my vision and perhaps a dash of luck – or Universal Alignment – I got an invitation from one of the Traders to go to Necker Island and spend some time with him.)

Katie Joy spending time with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island

Which brings me full circle to today and feeling a little deja vu flying in the helicopter when I read the news about Richard’s home.

Here’s a video of my helicopter journey and arrival to Necker Island in February earlier this year.


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